About me…

The purpose of this blog was primarily to provide a platform for my course work so that my tutor could assess that work and critique it. And he did, and the course is complete, that part of my education at an end, though in July another begins…  So, since then I have made work, more work, and even more work, and finally started to exhibit. In August this year Northart will be allowing me space for my first solo exhibition, a prospect both exciting and daunting. So, I’m making work, and more work – and even more work and probably going broke buying materials. But hey, we only get one life…


16 responses to “About me…

  1. god your art is shit. wouldn’t light my fire with that rubbish!

  2. Best not. Burning acrylic stinks up the house something rotten. Thanks for your interest Anon.

  3. Thank you for that. The dots are taking over my life just now. Lots of potential to explore…

  4. What is even more amazing though, is that I am happy while you obviously are not. Good luck with rectifying that really soon. 🙂

  5. Hi Michel, I am truely shocked at the ignorance out there. They probably only understand representational art, but from the sounds of them not even that. I can imagine them looking at a Piccasso and saying their five year old could have done it!
    Anyway I think your colour and form are truely beautiful. It was a real pleasure looking at your site. Thankyou for sharing.

  6. I agree with Rebecca Michel, pearls before swine! Your work is lovely, gorgeous, luscious colours.

  7. Hi Michele, there are many things going on in your work, some interesting and some I can see agitates some people…. well its definitely a reaction! forget the Picasso/5 year old…. I was intriqued by the thought of the reaction to a Piero Manzoni… If I was to enjoy one more than another of your works… it would be the boxed scrolls. But then I love paper, and real deckle edges… Keep it up !

  8. love your colours. I read your comments on trademe re dan mitchell’s win. I thought they were very well thought out and well phrased comments, so much so that i’ve printed off your comments to keep on file to refer to in my own art studies. Keep up the excellent work

  9. I would like to say I find your work very inspirational, I am also a current art student and love your productivity and creative expressions. Keep up the good work!

  10. Hello dotcom! Anonymity and the ability to hide behind computers surely does expose some ignorance and bad manners. Saying whatever they want with little ramification – says so much more about the poster than anything else. One would hope for valuable, useful information and responsible behavior – c’est la vie.

    Michele – your work and your words, as always are thoughtful, inspiring and real. Good job.
    D. (Berts)

  11. Hi Michele, I just looooooooooooove all your work. Wow what an inspiration you are and soooooooo helpful.

  12. I see you’ve had the odd cyber-troll – vile creatures. As a fellow ex-TLCer I think you were very patient. I am not so, I’m afraid. Just been right through your blog. Aaaah, the red dots. I spent a lot of time on orange as a material, so your dots speak to me. And, like you, I had Peter for the final year. Awesome tutor. Are you any FB or anywhere that you update with work so I can follow?

  13. Hi Michele , you came to visit our AUT class this morning and i was blown away by your books. It was clear they were all very personal to you and explore and explain a journey in a very unique way. I am sorry i did not get to speak to you but am extremely interested in how you created them.

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